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Viola Colormax Royal Mix

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Violas are workhorses in the fall, winter and spring garden. Even though the flowers are smaller than those of pansies, they are produced so prolifically and solidly across the canopy that the effect can almost resemble paint. They are amazingly cold-tolerant, and if properly fed will bounce back from extreme cold temperatures more quickly than pansies. They bloom all winter in southern parts of the country. To paraphrase Shakespeare from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, though they are small, they are fierce…


This is the new wave in violas - ColorMax is a giant-flowered viola that is heat tolerant and fills pots easily, even under heat stress where standard violas suffer. ColorMax is a superb autumn performer and a great choice to start the season. This alternative to pansies comes in a number of eye-catching and unique colors that are extremely versatile - perfect for pots, baskets and mixed containers.