Majestic Giants II PurpleWith Blotch

Majestic Giants II Purple With Blotch

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Pansies are hardy annuals whose flowers have "face". Pansies are one of the most beloved of all garden flowers. Their beautiful, expressive flowers offer some of the most interesting diverse color combinations. These plants offer colorful flowers for fall and winter. They are good for containers, borders, and ground covers.

What is the core of any pansy assortment? Majestic Giants II, of course! Consumers know Majestic Giants II by name and recommend it to their gardening friends. With 4-inch blooms, brand name recognition, and spring rebloom after fall planting in most markets, Majestic Giants II leads the way in the extra-large pansy segment. They deliver tons of flower power, even during the short days of fall and winter. Choose from blotched colors, clear solid colors, as well as several unique shades and mixes.