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  • Pine Straw

    This is a high-grade long needle pine straw. This top coating adds a...

  • Hardwood Mulch

    This is our most popular mulch. It is made of shredded hardwood bark and...

  • Midnight Mulch

    This deep black mulch will add a touch of elegance to any landscape. It...

  • Topsoil

    This is the most basic soil we carry. Excellent for filling in holes or...

  • 1 1/2" River Rock

    This is another beautiful decorative gravel. Much larger pieces of stone...

  • Planting Soil

    This is our own special blend of organic soil composed of   compost,...

  • Bandana Cherry Sunrise Lantana

    If you have a hot, baked spot, lantana is your answer. This hardworking...

  • 1/2" Peagravel

    This is a wonderful decorative gravel. The tiny smooth stones vary in...

  • Peppermint

    Peppermint is an old favorite for herb gardening.

  • Onion Chives

    Easy to grow, onion chives pack a lot of flavor for their compact size. 




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Lemon Symphony Osteospermum View larger

Lemon Symphony Osteospermum

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Bright yellow flowers!

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Bright flowers with profuse blooming all season and improved heat tolerance makes this Osteospermum a beautiful, clear yellow addition to the daisies here!


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Lemon Symphony Osteospermum

Lemon Symphony Osteospermum

Bright yellow flowers!