Caring for your Pond

Ponds and other water features add a very natural touch to the landscape. In turn, water plants add a nice touch to the feature. Just like other plants there are both annuals and perennials for the pond. Some of the pond annuals are simply floaters such as Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce. The perennial plants in a pond are simply trimmed back in the late winter/early spring and cleaned up to allow for new growth to grow easily.

Season by Season Maintenance-

  Spring- Inspect the pond and make any necessary repairs. Clean out the dead leaves and debris that have accumulated over the winter. Clean filters, and pumps.

  Summer- When necessary clean out the pond, removing any algae or excess plant growth. Monitor the water conditions. Products exist in the market to clarify the water without endangering the plants and critters living there. Clean pump, strainer, and filter as needed.

  Fall- You can place a protective covering over the pond to keep out leaves as the trees begin losing theirs. Also check to see if any repair are necessary before winter sets in.

  Winter- Turn off all moving water features (Pumps, fountains, etc.). You can also drain the pond if you have no fish or perennial pond plants. Otherwise let pond alone until spring.